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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Barbara Cartland, 133 books
John Creasey, 68 books
James Hadley Chase, 62 books
J. T. Edson, 48 books
Louis L'Amour, 44 books
Frederick Faust, 43 books
Iris Bromige, 39 books
Catherine Cookson, 37 books
Evan Hunter, 37 books
Elizabeth Seifert, 37 books
Norah Lofts, 31 books
Anne Hampson, 31 books
P. G. Wodehouse, 30 books
Hebe Elsna, 30 books
Ursula Bloom, 29 books
Erle Stanley Gardner, 28 books
Charlotte Lamb, 28 books
Janet Dailey, 27 books
Renée Shann, 26 books
John Marsh, 25 books
Rebecca Stratton, 25 books
Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert, 25 books
Hermina Black, 24 books
Dennis Wheatley, 23 books
Poul Anderson, 23 books