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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Suzanne I. Barchers, 9 books
Phyllis Franklin, 7 books
Tracy Pearce, 7 books
Common Core, Inc, 6 books
Kristin Kemp, 6 books
Linda Hoyt, 5 books
Deborah Appleman, 5 books
Laurel and Associates, 5 books
Michelle O'Brien-Palmer, 4 books
Stanley Fish, 4 books
Jessica Case, 4 books
Great Minds, 4 books
Paula S. Berggren, 4 books
Nicholas J. Karolides, 3 books
Alan C. Purves, 3 books
Paul Zindel, 3 books
Claudia E. Cornett, 3 books
Michael W. Smith, 3 books
Carol Jago, 3 books
Jim Allan, 3 books
Michael Meyer, 3 books
Marc Moeller, 3 books
Victor Moeller, 3 books
Evan-Moor (DST), 3 books
Sharon Kane, 3 books