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33 Dixwell Ave #234, New Haven, CT 06511 USA
Private & Secure.
Bring your data home with PrivacySafe, your secure IoT backup appliance. Crypto wallets, malware protection, and more.

Pre-orders start September 2019.

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We're Serious About Security.
Our hardware and software embodies Privacy By Design, giving you the keys to your data and no one else. Lock up your files, store your cryptocurrency, and share with trusted friends.

Secure Software

PrivacySafe is powered by Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS). The transparency of FOSS is a fundamental component of system security. The rock-solid FreedomBox project provides the base for our software.

Solid Hardware

PrivacySafe is Open Source Hardware (OSHWA), manufactured via a trustworthy supply chain of verified components. Our hardware is developed by U.S.-based BeagleBoard.

Cutting Edge Features

PrivacySafe includes military-grade encryption, cryptocurrency wallets for Bitcoin and Monero, a secure IoT gateway, and the TI Deep Learning (TIDL) processor for AI and Computer Vision applications.

Sync & Share

With a PrivacySync subscription, you can back up your data to our secure cloud infrastructure. This add-on service gives you a fast connection and the convenience of traditional cloud services, without the spying.
Sean O'Brien
Sean O'Brien Founder & CEO
Sean is assembling a team of industry experts for PrivacySafe. He is a lecturer in cybersecurity at Yale Law School and leads Yale Privacy Lab as a respected voice in global debates about privacy, security, and digital rights.