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Developer Center / APIs

Open Library offers a suite of APIs to help developers get up and running with our data. This includes RESTful APIs, which make Open Library data availabile in JSON, YAML and RDF/XML formats. There's also an earlier, now deprecated JSON API which is preserved for backward compatibility.

Try out our interactive OpenAPI sandbox!

Identifying your Application

If your application will make regular, frequent use of Open Library's APIs (e.g. multiple calls per minute), please add a HEADER that specifies a User-Agent string with (a) the name of your application and (b) your contact email or phone number, so we may contact you when we notice high request volume. Failing to include these headers may result in your application being blocked.

For help adding user-agent headers to your API calls, please refer to this javascript and python example.

Index of APIs

Bulk Access

Please do not use our APIs for bulk download of Open Library data because this affects our ability to serve patrons. We make our data publicly available each month for partners. If you want a dump of complete data, please read about our Bulk Download options, or email us at

More APIs

Did you know, nearly every page on Open Library is or has an API. You can return structured bibliographic data for any page by adding a .rdf/.json/.yml extension to the end of any Open Library identifier. For instance: or Many pages, such as the Books, Authors, and Lists, will include links to their RDF and JSON formats.


We encourage developers to ask questions by opening issues on GitHub and on our gitter chat channel.

Friends using Open Library APIs

Several developers are creating amazing things with the Open Library APIs:

Are you using the Open Library APIs? We'd love to hear about it! Please email us at


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