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October 10, 2023 | History

Open Librarians Portal

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Welcome to the central hub for Librarian Resources!

This page is for:
1. Community members to learn more about contributing edits to pages on Open Library.
2. Learning how to apply to join the Open Librarians-In-Training community and ways to help out.
3. Educating Open Librarians (after training) how to use Librarian tools and permissions.

If you are not yet an Open Librarian-In-Training, you probably want to start here:

Getting Started

Welcome librarians! There are at least 4 ways librarians can help:

  1. Editing & fixing catalog entries (or enhancing them by adding info like "series" or "reading level")
  2. Merging or fixing conflated works & authors
  3. Creating a special collection of book carousels or themed lists
  4. Writing & improving our documentation (like this current page)

Check here for lots of opportunities to fix metadata!


Librarian Resources


Third-Party Resources

Adding Librarians

Promoting librarians can only be done by a staff administrator or the Lead Community Librarian.



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