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Open Library Data Dumps

Open Library provides dumps of all its data, generated every month. All of the dumps are formatted as tab separated files with the following columns:


For past dumps, see:

Downloading the dumps take too long? Checkout the link above and download via torrent for higher speeds!

Format of JSON records

A JSON schema for the various types is located at

Using Open Library Data Dumps

This guide by contributor on the LibrariesHacked github about how to load Open Library's data dumps into postgres to make it more easily queriable:


DiFronzo on github has produced a graphql proxy to search books using work, edition and ISBN with Open Library API. Deployed with Deno and GraphQL:

OL Covers Dump

We do not yet have rolling monthly dumps of our book covers, despite a shared desire for its existence. Some historical cover dumps may be explored here:

Most covers are archived in the following items. Note covers_0006 and covers_0007 are presently unavailable.


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