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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hal Leonard Corp., 231 books
Jamey Aebersold, 76 books
Catholic Church, 76 books
Hal Leonard Corp. Staff, 70 books
Richard Wagner, 52 books
Eduard Hanslick, 52 books
Frances Densmore, 51 books
Elizabeth C. Axford, 51 books
Theodor W. Adorno, 50 books
Hector Berlioz, 48 books
Bibliothèque nationale de France., 48 books
David Ewen, 48 books
Carl Dahlhaus, 46 books
Irb Media, 43 books
Robert Schumann, 42 books
Peter Gelling, 41 books
Wesley Schaum, 40 books
Alexander Peskanov, 39 books
Michael Kravchuk, 39 books
Bindu Subramaniam, 38 books
Ambi Subramaniam, 38 books
Burton D. Fisher, 37 books
Tyler Arcari, 37 books
Scholes, Percy Alfred, 36 books
Hugo Riemann, 34 books